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I'm running for you!

You the people of the 3rd District are why I am running. I have personally experienced and seen first hand many of the struggles and frustrations that you have had with our government. The swamp is unfortunately filled with many politicians that have no perception of what their constituents go through on a daily basis. That is not me! 

If elected I will be there to listen and fight for every Hoosier in the 3rd District. I had the honor of working for Senator Coats and Senator Braun as a staff member. With their authority, I had the experience of getting substantive legislation passed, doing casework on behalf of constituents, and conducting oversight.

I will be ready to start working for you on day one! 

I will be there fighting:

  • For our children who will come into adulthood with more federal debt burden than any generation in history.

  • For the family that has to make the decision to put off having another child because of high costs. 

  • For the business owner that is fighting against over regulation and unfair trade deals.

  • For our farmers who are harassed by an EPA that thinks a ditch is a navigable waterway.

  • For the Veteran who cannot get his prescription because it is not on the formulary.

  • For the service-member who is living in on-base housing with black mold or applying for food stamps because pay does not keep up with cost of living.

  • For our healthcare professionals that spend more time then ever doing paperwork instead of treating patients.

  • For our police who put their lives on the line everyday and deserve our utmost respect.

  • For that young college graduate that is struggling to get a job.

  • For the 30 somethings that endured through the recession and still do not feel like they are living the American dream.

  • For that military member that has been let down by political leadership both at home and on deployment.

  • For the unborn, who deserve a chance at life.

  • For the lawful gunowner that is worried about their rights being infringed.

  • For the retiree wondering how they will pay the bills on a fixed income with ever increasing inflation.

  • For the Gen Xers wondering if the social security they paid into their whole life will still be around once they hit retirement age.

  • For every Hoosier in our district, whether you vote for me or not, I will fight for you!

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