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The National Debt currently sits at over $31 Trillion. Maintaining such high debt, especially in proportion to our GDP, is not sustainable and puts the burden of repayment on our children and grandchildren. Many states including Indiana maintain a balanced budget, families and businesses also must stay in the black to survive. Much of our debt is also currently held by adversarial foreign interests, not just our friends and allies, this causes a tremendous threat to national security. We must curtail our spending. Some emergencies or vital needs must be paid regardless, that does not mean that we should be celebrating by spending ever more on earmarks, pet projects, and divisive policy. Just like for a family or business, debt should be the last resort and it should be payed off as soon as possible. Over the course of the last few years with the Biden administration, the United States has seen that we cannot count on low interest cheap money in perpetuity and we need to put our nation on a path towards a balanced budget.

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