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It is time for the federal government to stop picking winners and losers and go back to free market principles. Crony capitalism has become so common people just expect it. Tax payers should not be on the hook for individual companies' or business sectors' poor decisions. I will coordinate with both small and large businesses to ensure we are working towards a free market with the minimum amount of regulation. 

I will also call on business leaders, shareholders, boards of directors, and fund managers to acknowledge the role they have in our economy. Short term gains at the expense of employees, may look great on paper, but are ruinous for communities. The reduction of regulation that started in the Trump administration ignited the economy. This gave the backbone of our economy, the worker, leverage for the first time in decades. This led to a massive increase in wages bringing more families out of poverty and allowing them to truly live the American dream. It also brought a period of record growth and profits for many businesses. This type of competitive environment is the kind that our government should work to cultivate.

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